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What Is The Maintenance of a Metal Roof? 

What Is The Maintenance of a Metal Roof? 

A metal roof is a great investment to make in your home. While it’s true that a metal roof requires much less maintenance than other roofing materials, it still requires ongoing maintenance to ensure the roof lasts the expected 50+ years!

We recommend having a trusted roofing contractor conduct the following inspections and maintenance.

It’s safe to let professionals handle everything instead of getting up on the roof yourself. Plus, they know exactly what to look for and won’t miss any important issues an untrained eye might overlook.

The maintenance required on metal roofs includes:

  • Annual inspections
  • Cleaning off debris
  • Checking the integrity of each metal panel
  • Replacing damaged or loose screws

What Maintenance Does a Metal Roof Require?

You won’t need to fix a metal roof as much as an asphalt roof. However, annual inspections are still important. Here’s exactly how to keep up with the maintenance on your metal roof.

Annual Inspections

Even though a metal roof is weather resistant and less prone to damage, it’s still important to have your metal roof inspected by professionals every 12 to 18 months.

Make sure they check for:

  • Rust
  • Debris
  • Damaged roof flashing
  • Loose or separated seams
  • Damaged or loose screws

Cleaning Off The Metal Panels

Making sure your metal roof stays clean will keep it looking good for years to come! Plus, on a more serious note, it ensures the structural integrity of the roof.

Make sure your metal roof panels are free from anything that can stick to the surface and degrade the paint or metal. This includes things like dirt, mildew, paint, and pollen.

A professional metal roofing contractor is the best option when it comes to cleaning your metal roof. They know the best way to clean everything off without causing any damage to the paint or metal panels.

Worker cleaning a gray, ribbed metal roof with a soft pressure washer.

Fix Damaged Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a thin layer of metal that redirects water away from critical areas of your roof. Essentially, the flashing is responsible for making sure water doesn’t pool up in areas where it could cause damage to your home.

Even if this is the first time you’ve heard about “roof flashing”, it’s a vital part of your roof (and the safety of your home!). Make sure there isn’t any damage to your roof flashing. If there is, get it fixed ASAP to avoid water damage.

Clean the Gutters, Drains, & Valleys

Even though your roof is made of metal, it’s still important to clean it regularly. Get rid of any debris and buildup from the metal panels, gutters, and drains.

When there’s excess debris buildup, it can retain water. This poses a risk of corroding the metal and attracting insects. Plus, sticks and branches could scratch the paint on your metal panels!

Again, this is a job that’s best left to professional metal roofing contractors, unless you’re familiar with how to safely and effectively clean out your gutters, drains, and valleys. The cleaner you keep the roof, the better!

A man standing on a ladder and cleaning leaves out of the gutters of a metal roof.

Replace Loose or Damaged Screws

It’s recommended to have the screws checked on your roof about every 10 years, or even sooner if your metal roof has exposed fasteners. Not all types of metal roofs have exposed fasteners.

If you have a ribbed metal roof, you’ll have exposed fasteners. However, if you have a standing seam metal roof or metal shingles, the screws are hidden underneath the metal, so they aren’t exposed to the elements.

Loose or damaged screws are one of the more common repairs needed on a metal roof. Why would the screws on your metal roof loosen? There are a few reasons:

  • Compression from snow or ice can push the metal panels down beneath the screws, exposing the screws to the elements.
  • Rubber gasket deterioration is one of the most common issues metal roofs can have. While the screw itself might be perfectly fine, the rubber gasket that sits between the screw and the metal panel can deteriorate over time. If this happens, it could cause the screw to loosen.
  • Thermal expansion is just part of having a metal roof. As the seasons cycle through different temperatures, your metal roof panels will expand and contract. An experienced roofing contractor should have installed your roof in a way that allows space for this expected movement. However, it’s still important to keep a close eye on this over the years.
man fixing metal roof

Fix Separating or Loose Metal Panel Seams

The seams holding your metal roof together are vital for keeping moisture away from your home. The seams of your roof should be regularly inspected to make sure there aren’t any loose or separating seams. If there are, it’s important to get them fixed!

Why Is It Important to Keep Up With Metal Roof Maintenance?

You might be wondering why it’s important to keep up with metal roof maintenance if it’s such a strong, durable material. Here’s why you don’t want to skip out on roof maintenance:

Keeps Your Roof Looking Great

Neglecting metal roof maintenance and letting dirt and debris build up can damage the paint on your roof.

To preserve the aesthetics of your metal roof, make sure to keep it as clean as possible year round. This way, you won’t have to worry about re-painting or replacing any degraded panels.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Regular inspections can uncover minor issues that need to be fixed. If you fail to fix these problems when they’re first discovered, they can turn into even bigger, more expensive fixes. You wouldn’t want to let a loose screw or uneven seam turn into serious water damage, right?

Prolong The Life of Your Roof

Metal roofs are projected to last at least 50 years depending on the type of metal roof you have installed. However, that’s accounting for proper maintenance and repairs. Without annual inspections, regular cleaning, and fixing any minor issues that pop up, you might not get the full lifespan out of your roof.

Make sure you protect your investment with ongoing roof maintenance.

Experienced Metal Roofing Contractors

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